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Rowan studio UPDATE no. 9


With the devastation of the twin towers, the call to war and the tanks rolling into Bethlehem, I find it difficult to think about Merry Christmas or Seasonal Celebrations. Many therapists are reporting the increase in anxiety and depression both in relation to the world situation as well as the jobs and security of individuals. But perhaps that is what seasonal rituals are for: dealing with the fear of the darkness of winter until spring comes again; containing the global darkness and hoping for some enlightenment. Theatre and ritual always contain the paradox and the balance. I have embarked on a new journey or perhaps the same journey with a stronger focus; I have become a student again at the University of Western England in Bristol, studying for an MA in Tourism and Sustainability, with a lot of ecology and environmental issues. I am already asking more questions about green ideas towards therapy and theatre. I know that some therapists use the concept of the person within an ecosystem but as far as I understand it, it is the individual’s system in relation to the bigger systems.

I am interested in the issue of responsibility to the global systems for both individuals and groups and whether we address ‘responsibility’ as a major theme in therapy, training and supervision. I am in the process of winding down all my dramatherapy work, and apart from current commitments, will no longer work as a dramatherapist, trainer or supervisor after the 21 June 2002.

Sue Jennings


“Red Rowan keep our fires alight for dancing”

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