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About the Dramatherapy Network

The Dramatherapy Network has been developed by Dr Sue Jennings and Mr Andy Hickson. We hope to provide a resource for dramatherapists, playtherapists, creative workers, teachers, theatre practitioners, peace workers, play workers, psychologists, psychodramatists and a host of other interested people.

Sue and Andy have worked together on a wide variety of projects in the UK and abroad. Both come from a theatrical background and have been involved in a variety of groupwork sessions. They both teach creative action methods and have run sessions with small groups of people through to extra large groups of 500 people and more.

This collaborative site draws on some of their expertise and experience. To quote Augusto Boal; "A true artist is never afraid to show his tricks". Sharing is the way of the future.

Much of the content on this site has been given or suggested by people from all over the world. We thank you for these. You are welcome to contact us about a particular link before you take any action and we will try to answer your query.

Peace and one love

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